Helen Preddy, Esq. has been a leader in the field of ADR since 1984. My office is a chief provider of mediation and arbitration services at the pre-suit and litigation level. 

Helen mediates all issues from small insurance claims to complex multi-party corporate issues. She has successfully assisted parties in reaching settlements in personal injury claims, construction disputes, contract issues, issues involving premises liability, sexual abuse issues and corporate issues, including contract disputes, as well as employment and sexual harassment issues.

Helen screens all referrals, discusses the claim with the parties involved and assists them in selecting the mediators most appropriate for the case at issue. We contact all participants and schedule the mediation or arbitration process, leaving you and your staff time to tend to relevant matters related to you practice, business or life.


During the last decade, mediation has grown into one of the most popular alternatives for resolving civil disputes in the United States. Many lawyers, insurance companies, risk managers and legal departments now use mediation on a daily basis to help resolve claims and litigation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Nationwide, Helen Preddy successfully mediates hundreds of disputes each year in a wide variety of legal areas.

At a mediation session, all participants to a dispute sit down with an impartial person, the mediator, to attempt to reach a mutually acceptable settlement. There are no formal court procedures or rules of evidence, and there is very little preparation involved. Unlike a judge or arbitrator, the mediator has no authority to render a decision or force the parties to accept a settlement, yet in the great majority of cases, mediation will result in a final settlement of the matter.

Benefits of Mediation

  • Faster results
  • Almost every case will settle prior to trial. So the real issues is not if a case will settle, but when. A mediation session has the effect of bringing settlement negotiations to a head much quicker than if the case proceeds to trial, and proposing mediation is an excellent way to get the settlement discussion moving. 
  • The mediator can work closely, and confidentially, with each side to explore settlement possibilities and put a settlement agreement together.
  • Informed decisions
  • The mediation session is designed to educate disputants about the legal and factual issues involved, and can be particularly helpful to people who possess misinformation about their opponent or are unfamiliar with litigation or claims. 
  • Early exploration of settlement options
  • Because of the confidential nature of the private caucus, the mediator can explore settlement options without exposing your final position. This can remove the "posturing" that takes place during negotiations.
  • Cost Efficiency
  • An early settlement naturally saves litigation expenses and other costs related to the dispute. Mediation is an excellent means of resolving potentially costly multi-party litigation.
  • Preservation of continuing relationships

Mediation works effectively where parties agree to try to reach resolution at the outset of the dispute, rather than incur the financial costs of potential litigation or the emotional costs of time spent on the arguing about who should prevail. 

Mediation allows the parties to stay on the best terms possible by doing everything they can to settle their dispute as quickly and easily as possible.

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